About DCI Debt Collection

The company DCI was established more than 50 years ago on the premise that collecting money on behalf of the hospitals and communities in our area was a noble activity. Our creator recognized that while most individuals really want to pay their debts, unforeseen events sometimes make it impossible for them to do so on time. We have always sought to help our clients handle their past-due bills by offering a variety of payment choices and practical solutions. The name Debt collection, Inc. was created as a result of this sympathetic approach, with an emphasis on direction and counseling..

We’ve gone through the same cycles of unrest as you over the years: increasing interest rates, high unemployment, a pandemic that changed people’s lives, and the present record inflation rate. Nonetheless, despite this ongoing economic instability, DCI has continued to provide its longstanding heritage of service through counseling. This concept has guided us throughout the years, and it still guides us now as we retain our commitment to coming up with helpful solutions for customers who find themselves in challenging financial situations. In short, we will always work to assist you in resolving your outstanding accounts while maintaining a compassionate attitude, a cooperative mindset, and a helping approach.

Our basic beliefs remain centered on serving our clients with the respect and decency they merit. At DCI, we understand and accept that everyone has hardships, but what matters most is how we band together to overcome them.

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